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Destination Workshop Haciendas Hidalgo

Tour Details

The “Pulque Haciendas” had a great boom in past centuries since pulque was produced there, it was an alcoholic beverage of great popularity at that time, in some cases reaching 25,000 liters per day, which made the owners very wealthy and powerful. It is still evident that the constructions were built or remodeled by famous Mexican and foreign architects.
With the entry of beer and his ease of conservation and distribution, the “Pulque Haciendas” were forced to end their production for been unaffordable. Many of them were sold, some transformed into small ejidos, others were abandoned by eternal litigation and others that ran with better luck, are conserved as luxurious country houses.

THE RATE DOES NOT INCLUDE: Travel medical insurance, taxi services or local transport, cost optional activities, internet or laundry services, services or activities not described in the itinerary.

• Medical insurance policy abroad.
• Own and know how to use a digital camera
• Cargo pants • Sweatshirt
• Vest
• T-shirts
• Hiking boots
• Water shoes
• Hat or cap
• Sunscreen
• Mosquito repellent
• Kneepads
• Raincoat
• Headlamp

Estimated temperature 15 minimum 28 maximum.
SUGGESTED PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT: Camera, multifunction zoom lens 18-200 mm. or similar, tripod, memory cards, batteries, polarizing filter, variable ND filter, close-up filters, trigger cable. Optional: External electronic flash.

Why you choose this package!

  • Photo tour + 4 hotel nights in a double room (Hacienda San Miguel Ometusco).
  • Land transportation by private van.
  • 3 daily meals.

Wednesday 20,

11:30 hrs. Meeting point for departure, CDMX airport / 14:00 hrs. Arrival to Hacienda San Miguel Ometusco Hotel, Accomodation and food / 16:00 hrs. Photoshoot with models and vintage clothes inside the Hacienda / 19:00 hrs. Dinner

Thursday 21,

08:00 hrs. Breakfast / 09:00 hrs. Departure to Hacienda Santa María / Architecture and models session / 13:00 hrs. Lunch / 15:30 hrs. Resume session / 18:30 hrs. Back to the hotel / 19:00 hrs. Dinner

Friday 22,

08:00 hrs. Breakfast / 09:00 hrs. Departure to Hacienda 2 (still to be defined) Architecture and models session / 13:00 / 15:00 hrs. Lunch / 18:00 hrs. Resume session / 19:00 hrs. Back to the hotel / Dinner /

Saturday 23,

06:00 hrs. Departure to the location Arcos de Padre Tembleque / 09:30 hrs. Breakfast / 11:00 hrs. Exit to location Hacienda 3 (still to be defined) Session with models, horses and architecture / 16:00 hrs. Meal / 17:00 hrs. Back to the hotel / 18:00 hrs. Night session / 22:30 hrs. Late dinner

Sunday 24,

08:00 hrs. Breakfast - Session at the hotel / 13:00 hrs. Meal / 15:00 hrs. Return to the CDMX airport

David Eisenberg

Official Canon photographer and ambassador for test equipment, he also represents the brand in professional photography courses. Nowadays, David shares the knowledge on conferences and seminars around Mexico, Canada and the USA.

Humberto Pasart

National Geographic Photographer. The use of light and color technique, are the main signature of his work. So anybody can recognize his photos on expos and magazines.

Additional Info

  • Check In : 19 July, 2018
  • Check Out : 22 July, 2018
  • Duration : 4 days, Jul 19-22nd
  • Person : 1
  • Availability : 16
  • Price : $2900 USD
  • Location : Hidalgo, México

Need Help!

THE RATE INCLUDES: Photo tour + 5 hotel nights in a double room (Hacienda San Miguel Ometusco) + land transportation by private van.

+52 55 52861976

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